We support companies and institutions with: Identification, purchase, installation, operation and legal conformity of central IT security management solutions with increased security requirements. In particular, endpoint security management systems, data leakage prevention systems, encryption systems. 

We support networks based on UNIX and Microsoft Windows networks. We develop scripts, algorithms, understand computer architectures on hardware and software level.

We have built up and continuously expanded our own know-how on IT security issues. Our book collection of specialist knowledge on weak points, attack strategies and system weak points is probably one of the largest in the industry.

We work manufacturer-neutral, order- or client-based and give high priority to the sustainable security of all processes and data paths.

Their added value lies in in-depth IT security training at leading universities, best practice experience in the strategic development of IT security management strategies. An additional added value is the selection of people with biological native abilities that are above average and represent untrainable abilities, sensitivities.

Where we built our experience.

  • Computer Science University Courses with focus on ‘IT Security and Corporate Security’ of the Karlsruher Iinstitute of Technology and University of Applied Science, Offenburg
  • Internal cooperation with technologically leading IT security manufacturers
  • Active attack and defense training CTF (capture the flag war games)
  • Business associations
  • Law firms and associations of law firms
  • Banking associations
  • Insurance companies
  • Stock exchanges
    OEM consulting on active microcontroller architectures
  • Oil industry
  • Military telecommunication facilities
  • Ministries, cities, counties in the EU
  • Automated industrial facilities for logistics and production

Trust is an indispensable thing if your company is to be 'secure' in the long term; otherwise it will remain a meeting place for licenses. - And then later nobody is responsible anymore.