We offer integrated services for sustainable corporate security in organisation, networks and products.

Our business segments

In the field of technical IT security, we exclusively offer selected technical IT security products, functions and programming solutions, which are to be used as required by the customer or network, product.
Depending on the requirements profile of the industry or the product, we offer standardized IT high security solutions that are also used in the banking and insurance environment or public institutions to secure endpoints in networks. Offered standard solutions fulfil requirements according to BSI IT-Grundschutz, CC, ITSG, KRITIS, DSGVO (GDPR) and can be used for office environments as well as for the protection of production plants in industry.

Our software development department develops or implements IT security functions for IoT , Industrie 4.o products and supports the economy with technical external expertise.

In the field of corporate security management, we create strategies and strategic management systems on the basis of the scopes or ‘security requests’ relevant to the company, taking into account weak points, dangers in the industry, employee responsibilities in networks and information-sensitive work processes.

We secure work processes, company processes, supplier relationships, information flows and access to sensitive data.

We also undertake preparations for ISMS certification according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, and prepare the appropriate documentation for you.

On behalf of companies, we check specialists and managers for compliance with company-wide security guidelines or support the transfer of knowledge to your company through seminars, workshops and training courses.

Customers have access to our own IT security library and an extensive collection of known vulnerabilities and technical literature out of print.

In the field of legal conformity of corporate security, we offer operational or holistic consulting, expertise and empirical values on the following topics:

  • External data protection according to DSGVO (GDPR) for companies, group structures in Germany and abroad
  • Handling of data protection formalities with supervisory authorities
  • Identification of technical solutions to your legal claim
  • Legal representation by our cybersecurity specialist firm
  • Examination of existing data protection concepts for formal errors and liability claims
  • Assistance in the enforcement of recourse claims in the event of data theft
  • Advice to management and TOP management on all cybersecurity issues and formalities

A standard roll out in any network infrastructure only takes 15-45 minutes, including all server-side configurations.