Focused on it-security management solutions

Get complete control over all your devices within your Microsoft network infrastructure, and use all possible technologies of the worldwide market. Managable.

Legally compliant with DSGVO/GDPR
Legally compliant with ISO 27001/27002
Legally compliant with NIST/CC/ITIL

Proofed and Best-Practise strategies, concepts, technical support for corps from specialized teams in experienced divisions.
Project teams for small, midsize corps, enterprise and global players.

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"Your business model should be worth it to you to be technically verifiably secured in the best possible way."
Nico Reiser
Endpoint Security Specialist
Cryptanalysis and Encryption
Data Protection Engineer (GDPR/DSGVO)
Information Security Officer ISO 27001, 27002
"Mastering practice is an art of lifelong learning."
Jörg Lauber
Jörg Lauber
Head of Technical Support
Endpoint Security Consultant

Central management of sensitive information

Central management of sensitive information.
Requires secure software architectures and multi-client capability. Kernel and offline operated.low network load.Advanced implemented encryption technologies country-specific legally compliant. Integration of PKI, single-sign-on, user-help desk and more. Revision security for IT administration and management. AI support.

With one mouse click be able to control 100 million endpoints.
Yes we can.

Understand your user and workflows inside

With the technologies we provide, we are currently able to map around 15,000 different workflows in companies, in such a way that employees often don’t notice any differences from before.

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Over 26 single IT-SEC Managemet solutions

You will hardly find a company worldwide, that is more dedicated to the technical knowledge, analysis, advisory and technical support of IT security management solutions than we are. Try others and build your own picture with us. You are welcome.

Multilingual & translatable

Our solutions support all common world languages. And if you want a new language, we will be happy to integrate it for you.

Less consulting needed

We offer endpoint security solutions that enable centralized initial protection after only 45 minutes in the network infrastructure at the endpoints. Less consulting, less costs.

Supporting MDM security

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Mail encryption for enterprises

Centralized and easy-to-use email encryption solutions for every user level. Support of low-tech subcontractors and customers without connection possible. Securely send large email attachments without changing the user's workflow.

Licences & more

License sale, processing and resale.

Anyone who thinks in fixed brand names has not understood technologies.

It is better to evaluate technical functionality and maturity than whitepapers and reference reports.